Question by : How to know if my dog is having a “mini-seizure”?
Well i have a Miniature pincher and Chihuahua mix. He is 6 years old. But every now and then he has seizures. and by the way if you are going to tell me that i don’t know what it is when a dog has a seizure, i already know that he definitely has seizures because the vet even confirmed it. But anyway, sometimes like off and on a few hours before he ends up having a seizure, he has like these weird sniffing fits and he like does some weird thing with his tongue and other stuff. But i know its not an actual “full-blown” seizure because well i know what it looks like when he is actual having a seizure. But anyway, my mom was thinking maybe when he has them sniffing fits and all the other few weird things, then he might would be having a “mini-seizure”. Well can anyone tell me if it is a “mini-seizure” or not, and if you know the symptoms of a MINI seizure then please list them. And by the way i already know the symptoms of a regular seizure though.
hopefully i was clear enough. Thank-you for your help ahead of time. I realllyyyyy appreciate it.

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Your dog is having simple partial seizure. In humans, this is called aura or prodrome, and it can be experienced as an odd smell, an odd taste, an anxious feeling, or unusual sounds, or a mixture of these.

Your dog is reacting to the smell or taste that is part of the simple partial seizure.

This is being followed by a tonic clonic seizure, what you recognize as a seizure.

The sequence of one and then the other is fairly common, but a simple partial seizure is not always followed by a tonic clonic seizure (what used to be called a major motor seizure, and what you are calling a “regular seizure”).

Be careful. When your dog is postictal (after the seizure), he may be confused and frightened. Sudden movements toward him to comfort him might cause him to react by snapping, even if this is not his usual reaction.

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