Question by Live Laugh Ride♥: How to convince my mom to get a dog?
my mom and i volunteer at a local shelter and friday we fell in love with a 3 year old female pit bull and later she and i were talking about adopting/fostering her but my aunt said something along the lines of “just say no to adopting a dog” but after she left my mom and i started talking again and i think she just needs that extra little push and she’ll say yes. money’s not the issue, neither is time and we don’t have to worry about the dog being left alone for long periods of time please help!
I just wanted to give everyone an update well the dog we saw had been adopted and then after i tell my mom she says “well after we got back from florida if she was still there we were going to get her” JUST FRICKIN GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i guess this means she is looking to adopt a dog so good and bad news and i’m happy maya got a home

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Answer by Sean
I just adopted a pit bull and she is the best dog ever. The best thing I can advise you to do is to just get a book on pit bull’s and show her what great dogs they are. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to reassure her that you will take all responsibilities for the dog, i.e. walking, feeding, etc so it won’t really change her daily life what so ever

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