How to care for your dog

Dogs suffering from common disease are normal. There are many diseases, which require preventive treatment, and can be avoided. Proper and timely vaccination helps the dog stay healthy and safe. Diseases like Distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, rabies, corna are critical and proper vaccination is essential. Periodical dog vaccination is essential to prevent these diseases along with annual boosters. Another dog health issue they can undergo is from constipation. Irregular or no easing is symptom of constipation. The main basis for constipation is irregular consumption of food, no exercise or suffering from place change because of traveling. Under these circumstances allow the dog to move out freely. Moreover, exercise also helps in slackening stool thereby regulating the internal system. Bulk vegetables and raw meat in the food help relieve constipation. Looking on the size and weight of the dog, half/ one spoon bran and mineral oil may be mixed with the food. Stop the mix after the dog is relieved. In serious cases, take the suggestion of veterinary doctor. Vomiting tendency is noticed among dogs. This tendency implies the underlying illness it is suffering. However, dogs vomit to discard intakes, which are not compatible for digestion. Watch and understand the symptoms thatarise during vomiting. Stop water and food for a day to regulate the stomach. But you must always ask your veterinarian first! Ice is a big help in reducing the vomit tendency but give if it is necessaryand talk to your Vet first. However, enzymes, probiotics and vitamin B complex can be fed. It is difficult to understand the pain it suffers, as it cannot speak. Quick treatment will help in his recovery and times save the life. External and internal parasite also cause uneasiness to the dog. External parasites lead to skin irritation and need proper medicine. Even then, the nearby area of the dog has to be disinfected. Internal parasites may prove fatal as they are different kinds of worm. This requires timely protective medicine or vaccinations. Rabies is the dreaded disease found in dogs. There is no medicine to cure rabies. However, timely vaccination of anti rabies drug prevents the dog to affect by the disease. The deadly virus is fatal and equally unsafe for the owner as the virus gets contaminated through saliva. The virus affects the spinal cord and reaches the brain to kill. Rabies vaccination is mandatory in many countries. However, there are numerous other diseases found in dogs. Insuring the health of the dog is prudent. Dog medical insurance plans change according to the company and the plan you decide to opt.

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