Question by jessica: How much should I be practicing to compete in AKC and UKC obedience and agility?
My Sheltie is now a year and a half and I’d like to start competing with her in a month or two. Do you think 15 min. 2x a day for obedience is enough plus a private lesson with a trainer atleast every other week is good? There is also an “Open Obedience” at a nearby dog training club where you can practice like you are at a show. Would that be helpful? I’d say her biggest problem (like most dogs) is heeling. She only looks at me about half of the time instead of the whole time and she isn’t close enough to me. I’m taking an agilty class once a week and can go to a club and for 6. Isn’t there some way to make something similar to practice with? Thanks for any info. She is ready to compete now but I want to try to place and not just qualify!

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Answer by monty
enjoy your dog. don`t try to gain fame through your dogs ability.

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