Question by Dd (got her first job!): How far would you go to save a dog from the needle?
Some dogs have behavioral problems caused by poor breeding, poor upbringing, or (in most cases) a combination of the two. Some of these dogs are so extreme that more gentle training methods just don’t work for them. How far would you go to save a dog if it’s life was on the line due to it’s behavioral issues? Would you pick a trainer that you usually disagreed with if your methods weren’t working?

Personally, I’m open to any tool. I believe in using the gentlest method that works on a particular dog, but I’m willing to use ANY training collar, whether it be a choke, prong, dominant dog collar, vibrating e-collar, or shock e-collar, etc.

BQ: Obviously, the “dominant dog collar” is just a slight adaptation of a nylon choke. Is this collar known by any other name, or is it Leerburg exclusive? I have the same question about Illusion Millan’s “Illusion collar”.
@Banned User, I suppose, if you believe it’s life on Earth is that horrible. But who’s to say death will be better than what we have now? O.o
@Finnowhateveryourname is, Lmao. Actually, he developed the collar to be used to restrict a dog’s air flow. The classic choke collar isn’t really meant to choke your dog. It’s only meant to snap it out of drive. But the dominant dog collar is actually meant to stop the dog from breathing. You are suppose to “hang” the dog from it’s leash if it acts up. Of course, he NEVER recommends this on just ANY dog, but one that is seriously aggressive (particularly handler aggressive ones that react badly to prong collars).
I should have clarified the difference between the two more, the choke is meant to have slack when on a dog whereas the dominant dog collar is meant to be close fitting to the dog’s neck.

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Answer by Banned User
Does encouraging the executioner to hurry up count as saving it?

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