Question by Carli F: How do you teach your sled dog G and Ha?
Well, I have been working with my dogs for a few years now to pull sled. They know everything but directional commands. I recently moved to a bigger place where there is more trails and room. Not one trail. I would like as much of advice possible. I am 16 by the way. Thanks for your help

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Answer by Hãrlëè—– 10° in Yellowknife
Gee and Haw first off :)

Hola! I am a half-musher and I run with my Lab. I recommend the book “Mush! A beginners Manual fo sled dog training”. I used the way described in the book and it goes something like this. Take your dog onto a straight path with two distinct turns, or make a trail in long grass. Go *behind* your dog and then say “Gee, (dogs name), Gee, Gee!. You’ll have to guide him, for the first time. Then after a while he should get it. Do the same with Haw.To do this you need to have a leash on the collar and harness, you could make a makeshift version your self with no bellyband or buy one like this. . I do not know of any other ways to train at the time, so I hope Loki or dewclaw chime in!

Also, If you haven’t seen this already, SCD
Awesome site, great sources of area clubs, and tons of mushing info. (on a side note, I was reccomended “training lead dogs” by lee fishback, but i havent checked it out yet, so no review on that one)

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