Question by sfowler0817: How do I train my dog to not bark as much?
I have a 3 year old Lhasa Apso who barks non stop! She barks whenever she hears someone outside, or someone other than myself or my mother comes in the door. And then she doesn’t stop barking until about 30 minutes after that person is still in the house. I have another dog who doesn’t do this, and I would think she would learn from him. I need her to learn its not ok to do this as I’m thinking of getting an apartment and that simply won’t work. Some people suggested a “bark collar” however I’m somewhat weary of them, I think they’re someone cruel. I need a safe yet effective way to get her to stop that won’t take years to correct. Help!

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Answer by here in va
just give it a treat if does not bark at anything it should not

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