Question by Rubi: How do i prevent dogs from ending up on a “lost dog” sign?
in my nieghborhood theres been a HUGE amount of lost dog signs and i don’t have a dog but i love animals so i hate to see all those pets lost. today i will post up a sign to dog owners to help prevent incidents like this to happen what can i say?
*keep an eye out for your pets
*make sure you have a leash
i can’t really think of anything, and i’m also trying find out why so much animals have went missing, i should also add that i live in a town where it’s mostly a HUGE university college campus, so students live EVERYWHERE. so whatmight be going on?

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Answer by julliana
I strongly suggest micro chipping animals because if any dog catcher or animal shelter gets them, or even if a person steals or adopts the dog and takes it to the vet, eventually the microchip would show the dogs identity.

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