Question by of: How do I get my dog not to hump other dogs at the park?
I have an eight month old male border collie who isn’t fixed. Lately when we go to the park, he is all over other dogs. When I clap my hands and say “no” he doesn’t stop like he would in most circumstances. I usually have to physically pull him off whoever he happens to be taking advantage of at the time. He’s a great dog, really good natured. This is really his only behavioral “problem.” After I pull him off, I try to sit him down and sort of have him calm down, but he goes right back to it when he’s done with his “time-out.” It sucks. Is the only solution to this having him neutered? We were kind of hoping for some cute little pups in the future, but this behavior is really annoying. Any suggestions?

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Answer by averagebear
He is only 8 months old so he still has a lot to learn. As he continues to do this, he’ll eventually run into a dog who will snap and fight him. Hopefully no one gets hurt. As he matures, he’ll either learn the do’s and don’ts, or end up as an outcast. He’s young, so other dogs are tolerating him now. Neutered or not doesn’t make a difference.

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