Question by Tasha: How can I put an icon of my dog on my Y/A? Easy 10 points?

I see a lot of people having icons of stuff, and I was wondering how can I put one of my dog? Do I need to sign up for something? Or is there just a setting somewhere to put one? Can you give me thorough steps on how to put one?

First most helpful answer gets 10 points. Thank you! :)
Thank you! You were all a great help!

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Answer by momma1
This is easy. Go to the home page and edit your profile.
If you don’t have a pic of your dog on your computer, get any pic you want. When you edit your profile ad a picture of you your dog your family, anything you want. When you click on add a picture you will see a browse option click on that and bring up your pictures. Pick the best one and click on it. If your picture is too large you can crop it to fit.
Good Luck and Happy New Year.

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