Question by boogers: How can I keep my dog from licking everything?
I have the greatest dog ever. Just one little thing. She licks constantly. It’s really annoying. If I go to pet her head, she puts her head back and has to lick my hand. It’s especially frustrating when she does it to guests. I have told her “NO Licking” but she has no idea what that means. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind a little kiss on the hand every once in a while, but it’s all the time and sometimes I just can’t stand to even pet her. Any suggestions?
I heard it’s a sign of disrespect from your dog if they always have to lick people.
I understand she is a dog and dogs lick. I am just trying to take it down a notch.

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Answer by chococoffee2
I’ve never heard that its a sign of disrespect…however, sounds like you are talking about MY dog. I have the exact same problem with her! So, no, I don’t have an answer, but I’m looking forward to seeing who DOES answer this question.

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