Hills Prescription Diet Dog Food on Mobility Issues

Feeding your dog is more than just buying dog food and pouring it into a dog bowl. You should pay close attention to the ingredients within the dog food you are planning on feeding your dog. This is especially true if your dog is not in the best of health. There is a line of dog food that is formulated to target dogs with aliments that need a modified diet to become healthy again.

This dog food is designed by veterinarians that have done extensive research to determine the precise needs of these dogs that are suffering from aliments such as old age, heart conditions and bone and joint functionality. Hills Prescription Diet line of dog foods have taken all of their findings and created the best line of dog food available for meeting all nutritional needs and most health condition needs for dogs of all ages and sizes. This could be to help boost their immune system, give them more calories to gain weight and fight off infection or even help with treating urinary tract health.

Hills Prescription Diet j/d, for example, was formulated to help dogs that have difficulties with their mobility. For some dogs, as they age, they become less likely to be frolicking in your backyard for any period of time. This could be due to their age, they might have slight to moderate pain in their joints and so forth, but with a diet that consists of Hills Prescription Diet j/d dog food for a period of about 21 days you will begin to see the youthfulness return to your dog.

Hills Prescription Diet j/d was formulated to incorporate the precise amount of Omega 3 fatty acid and EPA to nourish the cartilage within the dog just enough to promote the desire to move again without discomfort and pain. There are several modifications that were made to this line of Hills Prescription Diet dog food that make it perfect for dogs of all ages with mobility issues. Among some of the other modifications that were made were Vitamin E, ALA, Vitamin C, Crude Fiber and Protein to name but a mere few.

Although this dog food sounds like it is a miracle dog food, and it may very well be, it is important that you talk with your veterinarian about the benefits of your dog eating Hills Prescription Diet j/d dog food. It is possible your veterinarian will prefer to try a different method of treatment first. However, it is also possible that your veterinarian will want to begin a dietary treatment plan for your dog.

In the event your vet determines Hills Prescription Diet dog food to be the best course of action for your dog, it is vital that you follow your vet’s feeding guideline for your dog. Although the dog food was designed specifically with dogs having the aliments your dog does, your dogs weight will be a weighing factor for the amount and frequency of feedings.

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