There are few things in life that are guaranteed, but thanks to two agencies, the quality of high protein dog food is one of them. FDA and AAFCO is responsible when it comes to the guaranteed analysis of dog food.

This is my pet goose I’ve been taking care of after she was attacked by a dog. There wasn’t a vet for over 150 miles that would even see a bird, and none of the ones that would see birds even had tools to see a goose. So I put her wing in a sling for a week, and she’s been slowly recovering ever since. This was her first time back in our lake after her injury. She’s bathing due to not being in the water for almost 3 weeks. She eats high protein dog food, and has for 10 years now. She also loves loaf bread, and her complete favorite is corn on the cob (cooked is her favorite, makes it easy for her to get the corn off).

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