Want to watch this in HiDef/stereo/widescreen? Ideal for full screen viewing. Click the following link and enjoy (you need a fast machine and connection): youtube.com BGT Kate and Border Collie Gin perform and impressive Canine Freestyle routine to a James Bond theme. If you want to do this yourself, you will need a Border Collie! First broadcast on Saturday 12 April 2008 on ITV1 in the UK. For more info and clips, check out their website: talent.itv.com or http The whole episode can be seen again at the following times: (sorry UK only) BGT 18/4 19:45 ITV2 BGT 18/4 20:45 ITV2+1 …and the companion program, Britain’s got More Talent, can be seen again at the following times: BGmoreT 13/04 20:00 ITV2 BGmoreT 13/04 21:00 ITV2 +1 BGmoreT 19/04 16:05 ITV2 BGmoreT 19/04 17:05 ITV2 +1 NEXT EPISODE: (sorry UK only) BGT 19/04 20:05 ITV1 BGT 20/04 11:35 ITV1 BGT 20/04 00:05 ITV2 BGT 20/04 01:05 ITV2+1 BGT 20/04 20:00 ITV2 BGT 20/04 21:00 ITV2+1 BGmoreT 19/04 22:05 ITV2 BGmoreT 19/04 23:05 ITV2+1 SO NO EXCUSES FOR MISSING IT!
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This video was taken out the front window of my house. This unusual canine wandered around my suburban neighborhood for several days in July of 2004, but I haven’t seen it since. At first, I thought it was a coyote with a bad case of mange. But if the animal had mange so bad that it lost virtually all its hair, I’d think it would have infections from where it had been scratching. And why would it still have hair on its tail, the easiest place for it to bite and scratch? Other than being hungry and emaciated, this animal seemed healthy. So not knowing what it was, my wife and I referred to this animal as “Chupie”. That’s our affectionate name for the animal, since it looked like the Elmendorf Texas sighting of “El Chupacabra”. After some research and a suggestion from a YouTube viewer, I’ve come to a different belief about this animal. I can’t say with absolute certainty, but I now think this animal was a Sampson fox. Sampson foxes have a rare genetic condition that prevents the development of guard hairs. This might explain why there is still some hair left on the tail. My thanks goes to the various viewers around the world who have provided ideas on what this might be. If new viewers have other ideas on what it might be, feel free to post your comments.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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