Want to watch this in HiDef/stereo/widescreen? Ideal for full screen viewing. Click the following link and enjoy (you need a fast machine and connection): youtube.com BGT Kate and Border Collie Gin perform and impressive Canine Freestyle routine to a James Bond theme. If you want to do this yourself, you will need a Border Collie! First broadcast on Saturday 12 April 2008 on ITV1 in the UK. For more info and clips, check out their website: talent.itv.com or http The whole episode can be seen again at the following times: (sorry UK only) BGT 18/4 19:45 ITV2 BGT 18/4 20:45 ITV2+1 …and the companion program, Britain’s got More Talent, can be seen again at the following times: BGmoreT 13/04 20:00 ITV2 BGmoreT 13/04 21:00 ITV2 +1 BGmoreT 19/04 16:05 ITV2 BGmoreT 19/04 17:05 ITV2 +1 NEXT EPISODE: (sorry UK only) BGT 19/04 20:05 ITV1 BGT 20/04 11:35 ITV1 BGT 20/04 00:05 ITV2 BGT 20/04 01:05 ITV2+1 BGT 20/04 20:00 ITV2 BGT 20/04 21:00 ITV2+1 BGmoreT 19/04 22:05 ITV2 BGmoreT 19/04 23:05 ITV2+1 SO NO EXCUSES FOR MISSING IT!

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