Question by Muneca: Healthy home cook food for your dog?
Do you cook for your pet or buy in store dog food? I hear so many stories how long they live on high quality dry dog food or healthy homemade food. I’m getting confused. I know some pet owners whose dog lived a long time on both. My 4lb Maltese is a picky eater. She has lost and gained weight by only ounce. I know some say they wont starve themselves but mine is really funny. She sniffs everything and walks away. She nibbles on her dry “Solid Gold” food here and there. It depends on the day and her mood. I tried to mix the dry with a little wet, add lil low sodium chicken broth, etc. The doctor gave her “Royal Canin” and she got the runs. Should I try a different brand of food for sensitive stomachs or home cook her meals? If dry food I prefer organic and if cooked “what recipes?” Everyone has there own preference but I still would like to know both sides. Thanks.

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Answer by Mr. Pants !
I’ve been using Pedigree (I think Purina) for years. I brought home a pit bull from sicily when I finished my active duty career in the military and then spoiled her because I got into the restaurant business and brought her home steak scraps- her health changed rapidly and she got really lazy and obese- I figured that I loved her so why not?

Then, and a vet didn’t need to tell me, I thought I love this dog so why not keep her on a strict diet and keep her healthy, I started getting her plain ole pedigree and sometimes but not often added a little gravy to it. Never too often but just now and then. She lived about 15 years and died healthy and naturally. I hope you understand that last oxymoron. Died healthy…

Anyway, my mom has 2 dogs and feeds them table scraps daily. I’ve warned her that its not nessessary to spoil to show love. They will NOT eat dry dog food and wiat for my mom to break down and give them gravy or prime rib or whatever. Both are fat and lazy, poop all over, and not nice solid poop. This may not help as I have no gourmet dog food or recipes for dogs. As a former military male, this disgusts me. Spoiled dogs AND spoiled children. Anyway, I love my dogs and keep them on a firm diet. I don’t switch because something is on sale.

Another thing I want to tell you that a vet told me herself is that they-vets- sometimes buy stock/ shares in speacialty dogfood or gourmet dogfood co. and push these products on their clients/ dog owners telling them that they are the best foods for your dogs healthy diet- just for their own profit. Think about that!!!

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