Question by Miss J: Has anyone ever fed “Flea Treats” to their dogs. They’re a natural product that repels fleas with no chemicals
I learned about flea treats on Yahoo Answers, and ordered them right away. They keep the fleas off the dog, so they don’t get bit in the first place while waiting for the Frontline to kill. They seem to be working great. Have been using them for only two weeks. However, my dog no longer wants to eat, at all in the morning, but does eat his evening meal. He is 17 months, and always had an appetite in a.m. Another thing I’m noticing is he is alot more hyper, especially in the evening. They do have B vitamins listed, which could be the energy. Just curious, if anyone else has had good results, or any side effects or changes in behavior?
To answer your question, the same ones are also for cats. It says right on the bottle for dogs or cats, and a picture of both.

Kit_Kat, I’ve sent you a response.

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Answer by Ista
I learned about them from a friend years ago. She feeds them to all her dogs, and I’ve been using them for awhile as well. I think they’re great. A nice natural alternative to all the chemicals we surround ourselves and our pets with. I haven’t noticed any side effects. But then my chi’s have always been pretty active.

the website is: I’m not sure if they have any for cats, but you can look.

Edit: Am glad you like them. I’ve been recommending them for ages, and consistently getting thumbs down for doing so. lol Can’t figure out how all these dog lovers here touting natural foods can be down on a natural flea preventative.

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