Guide to Dog Allergy Symptom

Recognizing a dog allergy symptom and treating it is an option we have today; we do not need to part with our best friend anymore due to allergies.


As hard as it may be for some to admit that their dearest friend (dog or cat), it is a fact that approximately 10% of the U.S. population suffer from pet allergy.

Dog allergies are caused by a protein present in dog’s dander and saliva. All dogs have dander despite the common myth that dogs with shorter hair do not cause allergies.

Dog allergy symptom

A dog allergy symptom is the same the regular allergy symptom runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing etc. some even experience itchy patches on the skin.

A few steps to preventing dog allergies

* Keep your dog out door or limit him/her to a room which does not have carpeting or furniture. Clean the room daily.

* Usage of a good air filter helps clean the airborne allergens.

* Clean your dog once a week this will get rid of at least some of the allergens in the fur.

* Do not put the clothing used around your dog in the closet put it straight in the washer.

* Take a shower or clean hands and face after playing/touching the dog.

* There is also available allergen free bedding which can be of great use for your dog allergy symptom.

Treating dog allergy symptom

Since the dog allergy is basically the common allergy but triggered by your dog; the medications used are the same used to cure regular allergies.

* Antihistamines they help reduce the sneezing, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes. A helpful tip antihistamines work best when used before exposed to an allergy.

* Decongestants These temporarily help to clear the stuffy nose. These are best used for short time or else you risk irritating your nose and provoking the whole cycle again.

* Nasal steroid sprays this reduces the reaction of the nasal tissue to inhaled allergens, helping to reduce swelling in the nose. This is only available by prescription.

* Cromolyn sodium this is a great nasal spray which helps the body to react to allergens. This is available over the counter and is best used before you are exposed to the allergens.

Dog allergy symptom is as painful as any other allergy. Some dog allergies can be controlled and some cannot, that is for your doctor to decide. I am sure no dog lover will give up their dog because of any dog allergy symptom without trying everything possible to keep him/her.

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