Question by cher.lynn24: green iguana has hard white patches, why?
We have a 6ft long, 12 yr old (I think) green iguana that since summer has been getting these white, hard scabby patches on parts of his body. We have no clue what it is or what it could be from. We’ve tried looking it up on the internet but had no luck. Anyone have any idea what it could be or how to help our poor Iggy?

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Answer by hopebrendenply
Hi Cher.lyn,
This is a website on iguana diseases and illnesses.|913507844&gclid=CPaWl7ek8JACFRUViQodJGao3g

Or you can check below for more.,GWYA:2005-32,GWYA:en&q=iguana+sicknesses

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