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The recent dog food scare has plenty of dog owners on edge, not knowing what they should do to protect their pet from future possible tainted dog food problems.
So what’s the best option – take the danger and continue feeding your dog commercial dog food? Make healthy homemade dog treats and meals for your dog? Or, perhaps feeding your dog table scraps?

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The worst thing you can do is feed your dog table scraps. Your dog will love the taste of your table scraps, and you might imagine since what you are eating is healthy for you, it should also be healthy for your dog. But, foods that are excellent for us can be just as deadly as tainted commercial dog food for your dog.

For example :
Even a tiny piece of chocolate is dangerous.
Raisins and grapes could cause kidney failure – even a single serving of raisins can kill your dog.
Onions could cause anemia by destroying red blood cells.
If you give your dog bones, make sure that they are raw because cooked bones can splinter and damage their internal organs.
Excessive fat could cause pancreatitis, so it isn’t sensible not wise to feed your dog a diet of greasy foods.

Certain nuts, for example walnuts and Macadamia nuts could cause weakness and muscle tremors.
Peanut butter however is usually OK, provided you use the salt and sugar free peanut butter as sugar can and pits of fruits like Apple’s cherries and peaches contain cyanide, which is poisonous to dogs and can kill them
within 24-hours, without warning.
If in doubt, don’t feed your dog foods that you are eating assuming that they’re going to be okay.

For the majority it’s irrational to feed their dog homemade dog food for each meal.

I have that time.
I think the best solution is to feed your dog good, quality commercial dog food and supplement that with healthy homemade dog treats and home made dog food meals. If you can feed your dog homemade dog treats and meals about fifty percent of the time, probabilities are good your dog will live a longer, more fit life.

For instance if your dogs coat is lifeless or their diet is short of protein you might make home made dog treats that are filled with ingredients to combat these problems.

Dogs with lifeless and dead coats can benefit immensely from healthy homemade dog treats that are rich in trans-acids. Omega-3 trans acids which are found in fish oil and flaxseed is essential to your dog’s health and also helps to enhance your dog’s coat to make a luxurious coat that shines. If your dog does not have a coat that appears healthy it could be an indication that its diet desires haven’t been met with the foods that you are providing.

Homemade dog treats also give you with the opportunity to raise your dog’s protein intake. If you have reason to believe that your dog is lacking in necessary proteins, you can make your own healthy homemade dog treats that are packed with protein. Feeding these treats to your dog should help them to meet their protein needs.

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