Question by abelincolnbuff: Google lists my Celtic-Music-site as a dog-grooming site, and they do not respond. Can anyone advise?
My previous question seems “frozen,” so I’ll ask again. When anyone searches Google for my domain, they get info. on some pet-grooming site that came from the template someone used to make my music site. The template was only up for an hour, and we removed the meta-data (we hope!) on Sat. We got one good response from a guy named Jake, who thought they “re-crawled” yesterday- but my site was up-to-date by yesterday. We’ve requested twice for them to re-crawl my site, but someone reported more “dog info.” Funny sounding, but this mix-up causes serious headaches and there is a tribute to my recenly deceased husband on my site- along with my music. Does anyone know of something we can do? We pay for these sites and it’s my livelyhood…

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Answer by Jake Birdem
Jake again

If you stop the redirect of the no .www address over to the www.yourdomain address you might also see what google is finding.
This redirect is set in a host account control panel setting or in the .httaccess file you can find with ftp access.

Be sure you have thoroughly examined you hosting account through FTP access, all indications are that Google is still finding files under the no .www version of the site address. I don’t know host this happens on a hosting account, but the search cache date information is a pretty reliable indicator of when the actual data was examined.

You are unlikely to get any response from google.

The search relations is all managed through their webmaster tools

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