Free Dog I am looking for a good home for Cookie, my moms dog. Cookie is a very gentle, mild mannered,obedient,kind loving dog. Unless you are a squeeky toy which she loves to terrorize and throw in the air. My mom is elderly and now in an assisted living facility and no longer able to walk or care for the dog. If you have an elderly friend or relative then Cookie would make an excellent companion. If you get a note from your DR you are allowed to have a pet dog in a 55 and over condo. The only character flaw with Cookie is if I do not feed her enough and leave the house she will sometimes dig into the garbage, but that is really my fault. I walk her twice a day. Cookie is currently living in an aprtment with my moms cat and gets along fine with the cat. The cat is also available to a good home and a previous owner declawed the cat so she will not tear up your furniture. I can not emphasize enough how mild mannered and friendly Cookie is, she is not a bit snippy or yappy like many small dogs. Cookie is very well behaved.I would estimate her age to be about 5 to 6 years old. When my sister decided to get a dog for my mom she drove to dog shelters in dade , Broward and monroe counties looking for the right dog. Cookie is a very special dog and deserves to have a good home.

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