Info: This is a preview of our brand new 2xDVD sheepdog training program First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training – a training DVD for beginners which shows you how you can start to train a dog for farm, trials or ranch working with the absolute minimum help from other people. If you are interested in training a dog to work sheep, a smallholder, potential sheepdog trialler, hobby sheep keeper, smallholder, farmer or even a budding sheep rancher this brand new 2xDVD set, clearly explains the natural instinct of the Border Collie Sheepdog and how (with patience, determination and simple preparation) it can easily be programmed to develop into a really useful working dog. The time honoured (and probably easiest) method of starting a young dog is to use an experienced dog to keep the sheep in the middle of the field. But this method’s of no use to beginners who don’t have an experienced dog (or access to one), so in First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training the dogs are all trained WITHOUT THE USE OF AN EXPERIENCED DOG.
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Find out how you can train your dog at Don Sullivan, The DogFather, presents his Perfect Dog Training System in this globally televised 30 minute infomercial. Don’s System (comprising his 2-Disc training DVD set, revolutionary Command Collar, and Freedom Training Lines Set) has been a proven success, and is now sold across five continents. Here is a brief clip from the infomercial.

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