Question by Dragongirl: Finding an all around safe dog food….please read..?
I will be moving in with my boyfriends family next week, and we both feed different brands of dog food from different places, we would like to feed one food for all four dogs, however, due to energy levels and allergies it seems to be impossible lol. One of my boyfriends dogs is allergic to glutin. I feed Orijen Large Puppy, Orijen 6 fish and Orijen regional red mixed together. My dogs (3 year old male intact cattle dog, and 10 month old male intact border collie) get 5-6 cups of food daily but are very active working dogs. They work sheep, cattle and/or bison everyday. As well as do fly ball, and jog for an hour and a half every day, as well as normal stuff like fetch, tug etc.
My boyfriends family feeds science diet. Im not sure how much, but the dogs are not very active, so to feed them orijen would really pack on the lbs.

What is a good “middle food” safe/high calorie enough that its safe for all four dogs.

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Answer by Julie S
I don’t think there is a middle of the road food that would be good for both sets of dogs. Your dogs are real working dogs, his dogs sound like most of our dogs- couch potato family pets :) The high protein excellent food you feed is necessary for your dogs to keep up their activity level and to keep them doing their jobs- I would not suggest changing to a lower quality food. Science Diet is not a great food, lots of corn and filler. It would not be a bad idea for them to switch food, but I would hesitate to change your dog’s food to a lower quality food.

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