Question by Bassets4Life: Feeding Raw? Suggestions, tips and information?
Okay so to be honest, I am starting to get annoyed and worried about all these food recalls that have been happening lately. I know they have happened in the past…(Menu Foods), but I didn’t think it would start to affect some of the dog food brands that I have fed my dogs in the past. Two that have been posted on here and that I have become aware of are Nature’s Variety and Merrick. However, I am not sure if it is the dry food or the canned, or both…I am going to believe it would be the canned food, but anyways…

I want to know more about feeding raw. I however, don’t know if I am committed to going FULLY raw. A breeder that I know who breeds champion Dogue de Bordeaux’s and Neapolitan Mastiffs feeds her dogs TOTW dog food, I believe the Pacific Stream as it has a lower protein amount, and raw. Can you feed a high quality kibble but incorporate raw food as well?

If so, what raw meats can I look at purchasing. Would it be worthwhile for me to buy a box of frozen chicken breasts, and other meats like pork and ground beef? Or should I look at trying to locate a local butcher who can provide me with all the end cuts and left over pieces of meat as well as any organ meat? (I don’t have a local butcher, but I am sure I could be in contact with one).

I know feeding raw with kibble kind of defeats the whole purpose of getting away from commercialized dog food, and defeats my “I don’t feel safe feeding this food”, but I feel that feeding kibble WITH raw would help stretch out my food, and help me to not have to purchase so much meat.

Or is feeding raw and kibble not recommended at all? Is it unsafe?

Also…if someone could show me one of their dog’s ‘daily menus’. What in a typical day would your dog normally get to eat?

As well…any sources of information..books I can look up, websites, etc would also be helpful in steering me in the right direction!

Sorry for the long question…hope some of this made sense…thanks to all who answer with knowledge about this topic.
Add: I didn’t mention but I currently feed TOTW High Prairie formula.
*HUGE SIGH* People who know NOTHING about raw feeding, even LESS than I do lol, DO NOT answer this question!!!!

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Answer by puppy aliens
Would you eat raw food? No I would not do this to a dog, it will make them mean and wild and have full of diseases.

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