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“A Chained Dog’s World” poem by Heather Leughmyer accompanies images of Pennsylvania chained dogs still waiting for a law, despite 6 years of efforts by dog advocates. If either of the past two laws had succeeded, not only would dogs lives have been spared, but the life of Brianna Shanor would have been spared as well. She died from a chained dog attack in January 2009, after a law advocates passed out of committee languished and died on the house floor without a vote. Don’t allow this to happen again! We have to act NOW to insist that our legislators support current anti-tethering legislation! Call your legislators today, AND, just as importantly, take this five minute easy step to help chained dogs in Pennsylvania by signing up for our FREE coalition at http “My World” Twelve years ago this heavy chain Became the world I knew Rapidly the dust replaced The space where grass once grew At first I cried from loneliness I havent cried in years I gave that up to hopelessness They never see my tears. When winter comes I dream of spring As I shiver through the night My water freezes into ice While my world turns into white When summer comes I long for fall The sun is unforgiving As my water quickly disappears So does my thirst for living. This circle of dirt beneath my feet Has seen a million paces As I have watched pass by me At least a thousand faces All of them too busy To stop and be a friend Id pull and tug and wag my tail The chain would always end
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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