Excessive Barking In Dogs — Two Ways To Stop A Barking Dog

Are you fed up with your dog’s excessive barking?  Does it seem like his loud barking never ends?  Are your neighbors complaining about nuisance barking?  Learn how to deal with barking problems before someone in your neighborhood calls the police about problem barking.

Barking Is A Natural Behavior

As dogs were domesticated, people chose certain traits they wanted.  One of them was barking to alert people if strangers or dangerous animals came near.  Dogs were encouraged to bark in their role as guardian animals.

However, excessive barking can quickly become a problem, since we usually don’t need a guard animal in our homes.  Constant loud barking disrupts neighborhoods and causes stress for humans. 

If barking problems are making your life miserable, there is hope.  There are a couple of ways you can deal with this dog behavior problem.

Are You The Alpha Dog?

You want your dog to bark to alert you to any problems with strangers or unwanted animals. and then be quiet.  You need to let him know that his job is to watch for strange occurances, and to let you know about them.  It’s your responsibility as the alpha dog to deal with the problem, not his, so he should stop barking once you’re on the job.

Train your dog to do this by allowing him to bark to alert you about something.  Go and see what he’s barking at.  Once you, as the alpha dog, has decided there’s no threat, say, “It’s OK, that’s enough.”  Use the same phrase every time so your dog will learn what it means.  Reward him when he stops barking.  If he starts barking again, tell him “no” firmly, and again say, “that’s enough.” 

Your dog needs to learn to submit to your judgment as the pack leader.  As long as there are no dominance issues with your dog, he’ll learn this very quickly.

Teach Your Dog To Bark On Command

It may seem counterproductive to teach a barking dog to bark on command, but the second part of this idea is to also teach him to stop barking on command.  Once your dog learns to bark when you tell him to, he’s not just responding to a noise or some other stimulus.  He’s paying attention to you, and responding to you, which is what you want. 

You can easily teach your dog to bark on command.  Watch to see what makes him bark.  Set him up by putting him in this situation.  For example, have someone knock on the door.  Stay at his side, and when he barks, say, “Speak!  Good dog!”  After a bark or two, tell him, “that’s enough.”

If he doesn’t stop, put your hand in his collar and gently pull him sideways, and firmly repeat “that’s enough,”  Praise him when he stops.  When you open the door, he should be sitting quietly at your side.

End Excessive Barking Now

If you’re at your wit’s end trying to stop a barking dog, you probably want to take your dog to a dog trainer.  But that can be very expensive.  What are your options? 

Many dog owners look for a good dog training course that includes a free consultation with an experienced dog trainer.  Access to dog owner forums where you can get advice from other dog owners like you is also a plus.

Do yourself and your dog a favor, and take the first step toward ending your barking problems now.

Darlene Norris has worked at a vet clinic and an animal shelter, and has had lots of experience with dogs. If you need to stop excessive barking, and solve other dog behavior problems, visit No More Bad Dogs at http://NoMoreBadDogs.com to learn about a dog training course that will work wonders!

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