Electric Dog Collar – The Honest Truth

Are you tried of screaming and yelling at your dog to stop barking?? Or are you getting complaints that your dog is barking and you never hear him bark at all?? Well if you have answered yes to either issue, then you are probably stressed out thinking that your dog might just be taken off you cause of his or her excessive barking. Its one thing to be annoyed because of your neighbors dog barking, its totally another when its your dog annoying the neighbourhood. You will always be worried about those unpleasant trips from animal control after your neighbors have complained, and they have come to see if you are mistreating your precious pup. An Electric dog collar is a great way to stop your dog from being taken away from you for excessive barking.

An Electric dog collar is no way harmful to your dog. The two main types of dog barking collars are a static collar and a Citronella collar. A static electric dog collar is not as inhumane as people tend to think. A static collar has a small box attached to the collar, this provides the dog with a vibration when your dog barks. This will not send the dog into the corner whimpering, it will only be very unpleasant for your dog, and it will provide a corrective action to the barking.

If you do not like the idea of a static electric collar, then a citronella collar is the one for you. Citronella collars are great for providing that instant corrective action for your dogs excessive barking. A citronella electric collar releases a spray of citronella near the dogs face. As dogs naturally hate the smell of citronella, it provides the corrective action that you are needing. This is really ideal for people who really do not like the idea of a static collar.

Dogs bark for many reasons, they are bored, lonely, excited, anxious and many others. Often these reasons for your dog to bark can be cured with time and training. However, it’s hard to train your dog who is barking only when you are away from home. This is where electric bark collars come in handy. They can provide you with the relief that you know your dog is not annoying the neighbors while you are at work. An electric dog collar is really the best way to go when it comes to training your dog.

Screaming and yelling at your dog to stop barking will not only make your dog scared of you but it will annoying the neighbors more than your actual dog barking. An electric dog collar is not as inhumane as people are led to think. They can provide you and your family with a stress-less way to stop your dog from barking.

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