Question by Tasha: DS: What do you think about the food: “Ceaser”?
I was just wondering, because I see a lot of people complaining about “Hills Science Diet”, “Purina”, “Pedigree”, etc., yet nobody says anything about Ceaser when that is full of grain too? Me, I don’t mind what people feed their dogs; I’m just curious on what YOU think about this food?
My dog does not eat it; and I am talking about the dry food.

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Answer by Kendra
I’ve had a couple of complaints of pet illness – possibly Cesars related.

Lot’s of people have as well. They say something here….

Dog Food Review
•Animal Digest – Plus 1 point = no animal Digest
•Corn – Plus 2 points = no corn
•Wheat – Plus 2 points = no wheat
•Soy – Plus 2 points = no soy
•Gluten – Plus 2 points = no gluten
•The Goodies – Minus 1 point = Natural Flavors, salt
•Animal Fat – Plus 1 point = No Animal Fat
•Pet Food Recalls – Minus 1 point = Recalls Mars Pet Foods
•Class Action – Minus 1 point = Class Action Mars Pet Foods Foods

Total Score = 6/10
Ask Susan Peters Dog Food Ingredient Review:

I was able to get a good night’s rest after feeding this dog food. My dog scratches and chews on her skin when corn is present in her food. With Cesar there was no scratching and chewing. Odie and everyone in the house was happy with this dog food for not causing itching. I do worry about her teeth, this is a soft dog food so I had to provide a hard snack for her.

No corn, wheat, or say used which cause skin irritation, hair loss, fever, ear infections, kidney failure, liver failure.

Use of by-products. By-products are ingredients used which are not fit for human consumption. By-products are often floor sweepings from a rendering plant.

“Meat” is often rendered dogs and cats as well as other animals such as road-kill. When the source of the meat is known it will be listed as beef, poultry, chicken, turkey, etc. When the source of the meat is not known it is simply called “meat.

Total Score = Ol’ Roy dog food, which is considered one of the poorest quality dog foods on the market, scored 5 out of 10. Cesar Dog Food scored 6 out of 10.

The life span of your pet should be at least 20 years. Your pet’s diet strongly influences your pet’s life expectancy. Always look for a quality pet food which scores 10 out of 10.

Cesar Dog Food is a pet food I would consider a poor choice in pet foods.

I personally, would never feed it to my dogs.

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