Question by reaper: Dry food rots dog’s teeth?
I know its not as horrible as this lady made it, but I’m just wondering/paranoid. The usual for me when I learn something new about my dog.
She seemed some what obsessed, and paranoid, over raw feeding. I know dogs have canine teeth. Yes that means meat, not vegetables.

She said that raw food “won’t rot dogs teeth like dry food, and that it’s healthier” and all that jazz.
I guess she meant dry food as in crap like Iams, Beneful, science diet, etc.?

Solid Gold Wolf King and Wellness’s Venison [I mix it with his dry, about a third of a can a day at most,]

I know more people whom feed dry food such as high quality, I never met a person outside the Internet that feed raw.
That won’t rot my dogs teeth, right?
My dog gets things to chew on all the time. :)
His teeth are super white with not one yellow tinge or mark. He’s 10 months now I’m pretty sure. ^______^

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Answer by zinger
I was understanding that it is WET food that rots dogs teeth. Kibble does not from what I understand… didnt’ double check this though.

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