Question by punk_rawk_grrl: Don’t you think it’s irresponsible of Animal Planet to feature “designer” dogs in their “Puppy Bowl”?
I caught a bit of this on Super Bowl Sunday and at first thought it was great that the majority of the puppies on the show were mixed breeds “Chow/Shepherd Mix”, “Labrador Mix” etc listed as their breeds. Then I see a dog’s breed shown as “Cavachon” and another as “Morkie”.

With Animal Planet trying to appear to be so pro-shelter adoptions – they even had on a “billboard” on the “stadium” the puppies were playing in – don’t you think it very irresponsible of them to feature these “designer” mixes? Seeing that made me feel they approve the breeding of mutts for profit which is something that shelters are very much against. Isn’t showing these “breeds” just going to make the “designer” craze that much worse – and hence, more dogs at shelters euthanized because people are getting these mutts instead?
jennlovesanimals326 – thanks for your comments. That’s exactly the point I’m making. Why did they put “Labrador Mix”, “Chow/Shepherd” for some mixes and the cutesy designer names for the others? They’re advertising these dogs and after seeing them frollicking about I’m sure more demand for them will follow.
So many of you are missing the point. YES show all the dogs at the shelter. But why show the cutesy names that make people think these are breeds? People aren’t going to go to a shelter looking for a “Morkie” they’re going to buy one at a pet store or from someone that calls themself a “breeder” (breeders don’t mix breeds) Meanwhile, shelter animals get euthanized.

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Answer by Irish
No, they’re dogs. Albeit mutts but dogs nontheless.

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