Question by Checkers- the -Wolf: Don’t you agree?
I’ve read various stuff about people being againest others who want to breed their dogs purebred or wanting to do a mix. Personally I like dogs of various breeds. Designer dogs such as: Labradoodles which originated in Australia around the 70s and/or 80s where bred for blind people with allergies. Since the labrodor has excellent guide dog abilites and the poodle has hypo-allergic coat.

I hate reading stuff like: “Don’t breed your dog” adopt one from a shelter” or this one “don’t buy a purebred, get one from a shelter, there’s too many pets in need of homes already!”

I’m totally aware of that and I feel sorry for them. It is a good idea to have your dog fixed for various reasons. But nonetheless I get tired of reading stuff like this.

Not everyone can afford to buy a purebred dog or possibly a designer. Also I imagine most people don’t want a shelter dog either since they might be: seniors, have special needs or have a mental disorder of some sort. Don’t you agree?
I mean seriously, a dog is a dog regardless of being a purbred or mixed.
I once had a Beagle mix (1993-2004) she was a good dog but she did have a ‘problem’ we got her from a rescue but we think she was abused before we got her cause she was afriad of people, especially men. I currently live a pug and beagle. Both are purebreds and the best of friends.

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Answer by Jordan
Yes! I agree with you totally! I said something like this a few days ago.

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