• DOGTor RxTM a Natural Anti-Aging Formula for Dogs
  • Scientifically proven anti-aging formula is now available for dogs!
  • Restores nature’s essential Natural Growth Factors.
  • Natural remedy for Dog Ailments!
  • DOGtor Rx alleviates suffering and will energize your Dog!

True Science and the effect of Natural Growth Factors in your Dogs health!
Commercial pet foods DO NOT contain Natural Growth Factors!
DOGtor Rx is the missing link in your dogs’ daily diet. Here is the reason why!

DOGtor RxTM formula is beneficial for all dogs when added to their daily diet, because the Natural Growth Factors, contained in DOGtor Rx formula that are the missing ingredients that their canine ancestors depended upon to thrive in the wild. We are proud to introduce our DOGtor R

Price: $ 69.95

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