Dogs 101 – Part 44 – Does Your Dog Bark For No Reason?

Your dog has an incentive for barking, but it isn’t apparent to you.

It can be because of all or any of the following :

* agitation

* Boredom

* Looking for attention as he’s forsaken

Allegedly , none of these reasons is tricky to overcome if you’re employed to dispose of the potential causes.

Spend some more time exercising your dog. Spend a little more time coaching your dog. Don’t leave your dog alone so long, and do not leave him alone so frequently. As a practical matter, it is not that simple.

The majority work for a job and leave their dog at home alone for lengthened periods. If you live in an house, your dog definitely can’t bark all day.

The strain on the dog is horrible, not to mention your neighbors’ reactions. A method to stop a barking dog is an electronic bark collar, which causes a slight electrical shock each time he barks.

An alternate way is a citronella collar, which sprays some citronella in the direction of the dog’s nose when he barks. These tools work fine in a single-dog household.

Gnawing – The Nonfood Variety : The principal reasons that dogs gnaw are physical and mental. The 1st passes, the second does not and both are a bother.

The physical need to munch : as an element of the teething process, puppies need to munch. They cannot help it. To get thru this period, provide your dog with both a soft and a tough gnaw toy, like a tough rubber bone or a real bone, as well as a canvas field dummy. Hard rubber Kong toys ) with some peanut butter inserted can keep a dog entertained for a considerable time. Don’t give him anything he’ll destroy or consume, except food items.

Carrots, apples, dog biscuits, or ice cubes are really good to relieve the monotony ; otherwise, he will be impelled to find more fascinating things to munch on ,eg those new shoes you left around.

Make sure your dog does not have access to private articles , for example shoes, socks, and towels. Consider it as good coaching for you not to leave things around the house. A lonesome dog may gnaw up anything in his trail. Confirm your dog gets enough attention from you – and that he gets some robust gnaw toys!

The mental need to munch : Gnawing that happens after the dog has gone thru teething is generally a manifestation of anxiousness, boredom, or solitude. This oral habit has nothing to do with being cruel.

Should your dog attack the furniture, baseboards, and walls, tip over the rubbish can, or engage in other harmful gnawing activities, employ a crate to restrain him when you cannot control him. Confining him saves you masses of cash, and you will not lose your temper and get insane at the poor fellow.

Even more vital, he will not get into things that are a possible hazard to him. Rather than becoming irritated at your dog for gnawing up your valued possessions, give him some good strong gnaw toys.

Employ a crate or other way of confinement when you want to restrict access to your private items. We would like to emphasize that confinement is a problem-solving approach of last resort.

Ideally, the dog isn’t left alone so long and so frequently that he feels the necessity to gnaw to relieve his boredom. Your dog doesn’t need you to amuse him all of the time, but extended times of being alone can make your pet highly-strung.

All of the issues in this chapter fall under the class of too much isolation.

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