Question by Green Eyes: Doggie “diapers”?
My dog sometimes has trouble holding it throughout the night. I was thinking this may be a good option for preventing accidents on the carpet. Has anyone used this product? Pros and cons?

I appreciate all feedback.
Oops! This is the product…

No, he’s not a puppy. He was just at the vet last Friday and does not have a bladder infection.
Okay, so the diapers are a “no.” Thank you!

By the way, I do take him out immediately before bed (11 p.m.) and we’re outside by 6:30 a.m. I think I will need to limit his water intake before bedtime.

Best answer:

Answer by LuvMyBT!
Is your dog a puppy? They need to be let out more often than an adult dog. Also, there could be something wrong with your dog (bladder infection) that could be making your dog have to go more often as well.

Diapers are not the answer. Training is Key or medical Attention if needed.

***Ok, if it is not a medical condition then you should consult a Trainer. Don’t just give up and make the dog wear a diaper, please.

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