Question by : Dog Training Tips – How to teach her to get off the bed?
I mentioned this problem in another post (about the dog puking) but I think it needs some elaboration and its own question.

I have a female, 6 mo.-old Sheltie. I’m just looking for tips.

I want to help teach her how to get off my bed, without embolding her to try and go up and down stairs. The reason for this is that she is not yet fully trained to “stop and come” if she gets away from me, and she’s bolted out of my second-floor apartment door twice. The stairs are a buffer zone that I know she won’t cross and I can catch her. I’ve scolded her about the bolting, and she’s stopped, but its still a safety zone.

She is both one of the most intelligent dogs I’ve had AND the most hard-headed/ornery. The breeder whose helping me with her warned me that she was strong-headed, so this has been a character trait since birth. She learned ‘sit’ and other “tricks” after less than 4 commands, so I know she’s not just being stupid. I’ve trained many dogs before, but this one is just… wow. :P

Now, part of the issue here is that I don’t know why she’s scared to leave the bed. It is one of those Ikea beds, so it’s just over a foot off the floor — I might as well be sleeping on just a mattress. While it’s still head-level with her, I’ve seen her jump off of other things. When I walk her in the park, she’ll hop curbs and two-foot or higher terraces with me with absolutely no problem or pause. I have a three-foot tall bed in my living room for a couch (I’m cheap, okay?), and she gets off of that just fine. I know she’s still a puppy, but I wonder why she thinks the bed is more dangerous than these other things.

I want her to sleep with me. I don’t want her getting on my bed while I’m gone. I work a VERY long shift — too long for her to not go potty, and I accept that, but she gets on my bed and gets trapped up there. I’m tired of washing sheets. :P I come in from work and she’s sitting there with that look on her face that says she KNOWS she’s messed up and she can’t even hide because there’s nowhere to go.

The only option I have is shutting the bedroom door, which means shutting my two cats in there since that’s their only access to their box in my bathroom. It just seems mean to them because it really is a very small space.

She was originally crate-trained, but I used to live with some roommates who would ignore her or tantalize her in the crate (one of the reasons I moved out) and then blame me when she wouldn’t stop barking at them. I would have to go and get her and stick her in my bed to make her be quiet, that or stick her in an unventilated room which was NOT an option. The crate’s become a “time out” zone, so I don’t want to leave her in there when I go to work and make her think she’s being punished.

Think I’ve covered everything.

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here is way’s you can take a water bottle fill it up with water than spray it on her to get of the bed or you can fliker on the snout or scold her for being on the bed

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