Dog Training Guide ? How To Stop Dog Barking Simply Using Easy Effective Techniques

Imagine you have a large property and grounds and as part of your security measures and as a deterrent from unwelcome visitors you have a dog roaming the perimeter. You would want the dog to start barking and alert you to any potential intruders and to discourage dog barking would be counterproductive to the dog being there in the first place. But, you live in a built up area and are the owner of a dog that will not stop barking. You have tried your best to discourage dog barking to no avail, are there any techniques that can help you stop dog barking?

It is probably easier than you think to stop dog barking, it takes a little time and patience but following certain techniques will help discourage and break this behaviour pattern and before you know it there will be no more dog barking and a dog that is a pleasure to have around.

A dog uses barking as a form of communication, if you listen to a dog bark there are different tones and types of barking used in different situations. It would be foolish to discourage the type of warning barking that alerts you to intruders.

The type of barking that you want to discourage and stop your dog from doing is generally high pitched and incessant and is him/her trying to tell you that he/she wants attention or maybe boredom has set in and can you , as the owner please take notice.

Whilst, as dog owners we give the appropriate amount of time and attention to our dogs he/she may have different ideas of what is enough, so by the dog barking you are being nagged in to giving more.

This behaviour is, at best annoying and at worst can really cause problems in a built up neighbourhood. So, what can you do to discourage and stop dog barking?

Consistency is the key when training a dog, so once started you must be prepared to carry on and your efforts will soon be rewarded.

Another training mantra is, ignore the bad and reward the good in relation to the behaviour. So, how do we go about this with discouraging dog barking? If you ignore the dog barking then he/she will continue to do it and what is to reward here?

The answer is simple; you use a distraction technique to discourage and stop dog barking and then praise the dog when he/she does this. Ok I hear you say so how do I do this?

You take a tin with a lid, put some dried peas or beans in and seal it. You then effectively have a rattle. When the dog is in full barking for attention mode, shake the tin hard near to the dog and say the word no firmly. The dog is immediately discouraged from barking and will hopefully stop having been distracted by the noise.

As soon as the dog barking stops praise him/her, the reward for the good behaviour i.e the dog has stopped barking. To start with the dog may not fully understand the result of his/her actions but after a time as soon as the tin is rattled the dog barking will stop without the need for you to reinforce this with the word no.

To help discourage and stop dog barking is not an overnight fix, it can take time, but, imagine the sense of achievement when the dog barking stops altogether because he/she has realised that his/her unnecessary barking is not acceptable behaviour.  Dog obedience training should always be categorized as ongoing and even though you now have the basic tools to help discourage dog barking it is always a good thing to try and strive to achieve even better results by mastering or simply choosing a few other easy to follow techniques.

Teaching a dog or puppy anything can be tough at the best of times, but it can be made much easier by learning and using the correct training techniques. There are plenty of Secrets to Dog Training that very few pet owners are aware of that make training your dog as easy as following A, B, C. The Best Dog Training Guide online has helped over 200,000 dog owners so far and is well worth reviewing.

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Some creative ways to stop a dog from barking are to reward silence, train the dog to get a toy around barking triggers or to use a floor tie down when guests come. Find out how it is easier to train a dog to do something rather than not do something with insight from adog trainer in this free video on dog obedience. Expert: Nancy Frensley Contact: Bio: Nancy Frensley is a certified pet dog trainer. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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