Question by Change The World ♥: Dog Training..First day?
Ok so im going to be taking my one year old dog to a dog training “school” sooner or later.Now i would just like to know what to expect on the first day.Like what to bring and other stuff thank you.Also what can i do with my pup to get him ready-Like should i work with him a bit more??? Thank You So Much!!
All were really going for is Coming when Called and not to bark at every dog we see on a walk-Also some little things—I have called the people and they are going call me to set up some classes :)

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Answer by Angel Barbie
Not sure what you mean by school? Do you mean an hour a week at a training group class? Take with you a normal length lead, not a flexi-lead. Take loads of treats… and that’s about it really!

The group I took my puppy to was a closed group. We all started the same week so we all started with the first thing (teaching SIT) and then all progressed on to the next thing the next week.

Reading the answer below me by Daisy – IGNORE IT. You do NOT teach a dog to sit by pushing its bum down. You will meet resistance and that is NOT the way to teach. You use a treat held above the nose and lift it up and back very slowly so the dogs bum hits the floor, then you give the treat…. you do that a few time then start adding in the “cue” word SIT. Don’t push the bum down. You are better off waiting until you get there and see how your trainer “teaches” you. At my group we were given hands out…. and had to practise practise practise in the week, until the next class.

You can’t “teach” reliable good recall without going through the other steps first….. teaching the SIT and DOWN commands are relatively easy…. it helps you learn HOW to teach and train, it helps you bond with your dog and gets the dog to pay attention and listen to you… reliable recall comes much much later… its actually one of the hardest things! Its like wanting to swim a mile when you can’t even do 25 metres! You have to start with the basics and progress.

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