My little puppy (Kiki) takes a dump on her little wee wee pad while I am in the kitchen making her food but when I come back, I see that she has made a big mess and stepped in her poop and walked around the whole playpen with poop on her feet and she makes the whole place dirty. COMMENT RATE AND SUBSCRIBE!! Very Funny!!! EXTRA TAGS!!! DONT READ! dog kiki little dump actually big just watch the video and send the video to all of your friends and tell them to watch it also the stuff i am saying i got from ownagepranks or from or that was buk lau i dont own any of that stuff i was just trying to immitate that lol haha laugh out loud too funny jordan sneakers air nike 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 all the other jordans are ugly no offense i had to clean the floor or tiles with baby wipes until they ran out. lol post this video on facebook please I DO NOT OWN THE OWNAGE PRANKS PART SO DO NOT SUE ME PLEASE watch those videos anyway they are too funny lol febreeze that room needed febreeze watch my next couple of videos this video is pretty long keys credit card gift camera tee shirt under armour football game high school talent all american you know what it is ok FACEBOOK myspace school mcdonalds new york new jersey new mexico new orleans new …. i dont know what other place starts with a new im sorry i just kind of blanked out please stop reading this i am just writing all of this so this will come up everytime someone types in

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