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With unlimited benefits of use of dog ramps, the latest designs are much more comfortable, multi-function and portable enough for many uses. These new designs meet the very dog needs in reaching heights but are also stylish, tough and colorful. They are made for much easier of use, handling and carrying anywhere, whenever they are needed. Using a pet ramp or pet step with a young dog will help prevent muscle strain and greatly reduce impact stress on joints. Pet ramps also lessen the effects of years of wear and tear on the body caused by jumping up and down from difficult places. This PetStreetMall article list the newest dog ramps available with their new features and use that meets dogs needs.

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder. Do you got dog that loves to swim? Now you can enjoy even on deeper water like on the sea with easy to use doggy boar ramp ladder. This ramp floats on the water and can easily attach to a boat or side of the pool so you can play water fetching with your dog without hassle on getting off the water. The portable, lightweight and durable doggy boat ramp is very stable on water and proven to reduce pain and strain for pets. It can extend up to 64 inches with universal grip securely attaches to most boat ladders in just a few seconds. Simple and quick set-up – folds in half for convenient storage in small spaces. The lightweight 18 lbs. design doggy boat ramp is ultraviolet rays resistant, rustproof and corrosion-proof – washes easily with just soap and water.

Roll Up Pet Ramp. RAMP4PAWS is revolutionizing the dog ramp market. The most appealing unique feature of ramp4paws is its patented rollout, roll-up design. The ramp deploys easily, and rolls up into cylinder form for compact storage at home or while traveling in the car. The washable nylon storage bag preserves ramp cleanliness and product life. Included with every ramp (attached to the storage bag) is an Instruction brochure for proper use of the ramp, and for training a dog to walk up and down the ramp with confidence. Its engineering and manufacturing are of uncompromising quality. Our ramp rivals the competition, offering many advantages and unique features that set it apart from all other ramps on the market. The links of this ramp are constructed of durable polypropylene, and strengthened with glass fibers. The reconstructed of durable polypropylene, and strengthened with glass fibers while the hinges are made of impact resistant polycarbonate.

Half Ramp II Pet Ramp. The Half Ramp II is well-suited for helping pets reach intermediate heights such as a couch or the side entry on a minivan. Its one-piece construction makes it easier to use than telescoping or folding ramps (and less expensive, too). The Half Ramp II is 17″ wide and 39″ long. It weighs only 7 lbs., but will support over 300 lbs! It stows easily and is a cinch to carry by the convenient side handle. Durable, non-slip carpet provides a comfortable, sure footing and is easy to clean. Rubber feet at each corner hold the ramp in place while pets climb up and down. So if you don’t have an SUV or otherwise don’t need to help your pet reach heights above 20 inches, the Half Ramp II is the right ramp for you.

Portable Bi-Fold Pet Ramp. At 19″ wide it is the second widest full length pet ramp in its class making it all the easier for your pet to go up and down. The Pet Gear Bi-Fold pet ramp is ideal for small and Large size dogs that have difficulty getting in and out of Minivans and SUV, climbing stairs, reaching beds, or examining tables. It folds quickly, easily and carries like a briefcase. Durable enough to support animals up to 150 lbs but it only weighs in at only 7.5 lbs! The Bi-Fold Ramp opens to 42″ long and is 19.5″ wide. Carpet removes for easy cleaning. Snaps together for easy assembly, compact ramp. It folds quickly and easily. Carries like a briefcase and can support animals up to 150 lbs but it only weights 7.5 lbs! Carpet removes for easy cleaning. Ships apart and snaps together.

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