Question by iDani!: Dog lovers, this makes me mad!?
So, I’m at the local shelter talking to a volunteer…

And she starts telling me this story.

A man and his wife get a divorce, he takes her dog from her in the trial. He takes this gorgeous pure bred german shepherd up to the mountains and DUMPS him, yes, DUMPS him there to die before calling this ex wife of his to basically say, “I got your dog put down, bitch.”

A few weeks go by and game wardens find this do, skinny and scrawny and all dirtied up. He’s all alone, whining, scared and cold. They find his microchip and they call this woman, it was her info.
“Ma’am we found your dog.”
“My dog is dead..”
“No, we’ve got him.”
“You really have my dog?”

She had thought her best friend was DEAD because her asshole ex husband had called her and told her. This just pisses me off so bad. The dog had danced and sang when they finally saw each other again. Awful people out there, oh my god.

And the thing that REALLY pisses me off, he dumps him in the woods to die slowly? Then says he had it done quick? Awful.

Scumbag he is anyhow, but that was just a low cowardly thing to do, plus, how in the WORLD did he convince the judge to give him to dog, must have been a world class liar.

Best answer:

Answer by Brutus
That guy needs to be charged with animal cruelty.

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