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=>> Be Aware with the Dog Health Symptoms! <<=

Dog health symptoms must be aware by the pet owner to give the right treatment whenever their pets’ health gets bad. If your dog shows any of the following symptoms, it is important that you bring it the vet as soon as possible. Symptoms of dog illness include, bleeding from the nose, mouth, rectum, genitalia, not eating or eating much less than normal for more than one day, drinking excessively, lethargy and pain when you touch or move the animal and the inability to urinate or defecate or showing signs of stress when attempting these activities.

Abnormal eye, ear, nose or genital discharged may mean infection. Coughing or sneezing may indicate kennel cough, an infectious disease caused by a virus or bacteria, which may lead to pneumonia. Changes in behavior like excessive drinking and urinating may indicate diabetes mellitus. Vomiting or diarrhea may indicate food intolerance, ingestion of a foreign or poisonous substance, parasite or an underlying gastrointestinal problem like stomach or intestinal cancer. Be especially wary of blood in the stools, which is an indicator of Canine Parvo Virus (CPV), a highly contagious and potentially fatal disease, especially in puppies. Sudden loss of appetite and weakness should always alert you that there may be a problem.

=>> Be Aware with the Dog Health Symptoms! <<=

When your dog suffers from a sudden illness, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what is wrong because your dog is unable to communicate effectively with you. Knowing the signs and symptoms of specific problems can help you when consulting with your dog’s veterinarian. One of the most common problems with dogs during the summer is with heat stroke. Here are things to watch out for with your dog. The most important thing to remember in the hot summer months is that you have to watch out for your dog to help avoid problems. Making sure your dog has plenty to drink is important as well as keeping your dog out of the sun for long periods of time. Furthermore, if they must be outside, make sure that they have access to shady areas and plenty of water available to them.

Keeping track of how your dog is feeling is an important job for any pet owner. Knowing the dog health symptoms to watch for and how to prevent something extreme like heat stroke from affecting your dog is also important. No one knows your dog better than you, and any change in his physical appearance, behavior or demeanor may indicate that something is wrong.

=>> Be Aware with the Dog Health Symptoms! <<=

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