The Dog Guard ( ) Brand pet containment systems have been successfully protecting pets from themselves for the past 20 years. With constant innovation, updates and testing, our systems are at the forefront of radio detection technology and provide pulse correction to your pet to prevent them from defying a pre-determined boundary. Pets are naturally inquisitive and it is our belief that they have the right to smell, track, run, jump and do whatever other things that pets usually do. Our systems have worked effortlessly on cats, dogs and many other farm animals as well. That said, humans have tried it as well with remarkable success but are warned against using it — ‘it’ being unapproved yet for human use. Jokes aside, Dog Guard ( http ) has seen phenomenal growth over the years thanks to repulsive customer service, false promises and product failures of the competition including Invisible Fence Brand which is a market leader in terms of sales (because of their established name while leading in terms of lack of service, support, and quality). Now that people are aware of their failure they turn to us and hence our quiet growth. Taking our learning, we have put together a well defined product and service package with our nationwide net of trained dealers. Our products are still assembled, tested and sourced mostly with parts within the United States.

New innovational animal barrier for cars by Lead Innovations.

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