Here is a youtube link of news footage I found of Rendering Plants. You should be worried.. processing diseased animals into dog food does not kill TSE(Mad Cow Disease). Mad cow is an infectious disease in the brain of cattle. Humans and animals who become infected, usually by eating tissue from diseased cattle, will die of a similar brain disease that may develop over many years. It basically puts holes in the brain. Recycling at its worse that has become a deadly cycle for all of us. Don’t want to believe this video beacuse its just pictures? Go do some research and you might find things that are worse. Pet food products have been linked to causes of many diseases, cancers, death and many more problems in our pets. Another thing that comes from rendering plants is an indredient in alot of our household products called “tallow”. It can be used in crayons,bar soap, candles, oil, cosmetics cleaning products and even lubricant. Tallow is the hard fat contained by the animals that end up at rendering plants. Everyday, hundreds of rendering plants across the US truck millions of tons of this “food enhancer” to poultry ranches,cattle feed-lots,dairy and hog farms,fish feed plants and pet food manufacters where it is mixed with other ingredients to feed the billions of animals that us meat-eating humans,in turn,will eat too… If this doesnt make you want to become a vegetarian and feed your dog homemade food….I don’t think anything will.. Here are some of the

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