Dog Food Ratings Or Dog Food Preferences – The Choice is Yours!

In searching for the right kind of dog food for your dog, you might come across dog food ratings. Basically, these ratings just tell you the quality of the dog food they are offering. But having a high dog food rating doesn’t really mean that your pooch will love it. You still have to use your owner’s instinct and common sense to choose the right food for your dog.

Indeed, choosing the best dog food goes beyond dog food ratings. But with all the products available today, it can be a confusing choice to make without the ratings to guide you. Nevertheless, you still need to know the factors which can affect your selection of dog food.

Your dog’s age is of prime importance when choosing a dog food since dogs of different ages have different nutritional requirements. You should also look at your dog’s present body condition. If your dog is a couch potato, he will certainly have different needs compared to one who loves playing in the yard. Choose a dog food that will meet what your dog needs in terms of activity.

Your dog’s health history is also another important factor to consider. If he suffers from allergies or digestion difficulties, you have to look for a dog food that is appropriate for his condition. Also to consider is the budget you have for dog food. In general, a higher priced dog food will be healthier but in the end it all boils down to the best kind of dog food you can afford.

Dog food ratings, on the other hand, will not matter to your dogs at all. You have to remember that dogs are just like humans. They have individual needs and preferences. Some dogs love canned food while others prefer dry dog foods. And there are dogs that love chicken while yours may prefer beef.

The choice of the right dog food to give is really a trial and error process. You may have to go through different dog foods before getting one that your dog will actually eat and that will meet his nutritional requirements at the same time.

Aside from dog food ratings, you also need to look at the dog food ingredients closely. Ingredients are listed by weight and the best dog foods are those that have meat or fish listed as the first ingredient. With meat or fish as the first ingredient, you are assured that your dog is getting protein from the right sources. Your dog food should not contain artificial flavors, preservatives, and color. Instead, it must be rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy coat and optimum activity.

When you are shifting your dog from one kind of dog food to another, allow ample time for your dog to get used to his new food. Wait a month before you make any judgment on whether or not a particular dog food is appropriate for your dog. If you are still confused on which dog food to buy and are unsure about choosing them through dog food ratings alone, consult your veterinarian.

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