Dog Food Brands, Does it Matter?

No one wants to feed their cute dogs something that is bad for their health, so you choose among those dog food brands that you think best for your dog. However, with all of those choices out there, proud to say that they offer the best in balance nutrition, it’s somewhat confounding who’s really telling the truth.

These thoughts hanging back in your head…. Does it really count to your choices of dog food the label, claiming “natural or organic”? Or does your dog food need to have special ingredients or ordinary commercial dog food brands fit the bill? Well, you can’t be sure unless you consider the methods you should follow for you to be successful in choosing the right food for your ever-loved pet.

First thing that you should consider when buying dog food is the quality. It is really tempting to choose the cheapest dog food available in the market. Nevertheless, to our human eyes, all that bag of dog food looks pretty much the same. But we all know that dogs don’t care about the color or shape of their food. So, you don’t have to go for cheap food, anyway. Why care about the cost, if it compromises the quality?

Most of the inexpensive dog food brands have higher percentage of animal’s by-products and fillers – grains as an alternative for meat. This results to a lower intake of nutrition per volume. Your dogs eat more, and are more expected to become fat, since fillers provide calories, but not the same nutritive content. In addition, a poor quality diet can lead to health problems sooner or later – and you know how much money you’ll have to spend to take your dog to the vet. A bit more expensive than choosing the appropriate dog food that will benefit your pet.

So, you value the importance of taking consideration the quality of dog food for the health and nutrition of your dog. You must understand that high quality dog food offer the proper diet that your pet needs with no additional problematic fillers. But how do you get which foods are really the best? There’s more to it than just buying the most expensive food, or picking a brand that claims to be recommended by vets.

In order to get the best dog food for your pet, there’s an easy rules of thumb in determining the quality of a food. For an example, all ingredients listed as “by-products” decrease the quality of a food. So for those dog food brands that don’t have a specific source such as “Meat” or “poultry” meals are poorer quality pet food ingredients than named sources like chicken, turkey, beef or lamb.

If these are some of things you need to avoid in a dog food, what should you be aware of?

Organic meat sources could be an advantage, though guideline of what’s considered organic in pet food is fairly unstable. Foods that have been certified by breed groups or pet nutritionists are often a good thing, and they suggested that foods should be baked, instead of extruded.

Dog food that contain vegetables (rather than grain sources) and fruit is much preferred than food that is mostly corn or other cheap grains.

Preferably, animal sources should be free of avoidable antibiotics and hormone free. If you would like to feed your dog with vegetables, It should be organic or pesticide free.

When it comes to your dog’s food, take time to look through the ingredients and see what pet food is really made of. You don’t have to rely on dog food brands alone, do some research and get accurate information; this will ensure your success in getting the high quality dog food for your pet.

Choosing the right and healthy food for your dogs keep them in great condition for years to come. Good food is what it takes to have a happy, strong pet. Just wield an effort to find it.

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Here is info and some pretty good brands! The info is as accurate as possible but not perfect! I do not own the brands and I’m not saying their the only safe ones but I just recommend them! I am not responsible for anything! Use your best judgment!
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