www.dogeyedisease.com Canine eye problems, cataracts or glaucoma, are more common than most people think. Eyes are the window to the soul. Without them your personality would still prevail. Is this true? Can a dog with severe eye disease cope with no eyes? Yes, they can ,but the main question is can you, the dog owner, live and cope with that? Follow the journey of my dog, Peppie the Pomeranian, from this video of her with good eyesight to her recovery after traumatic eye surgery.

When you look into your pet’s eyes, what should you see? Most people would say they might see a scheming cat planning her next outrageous stunt or a sad puppy dog, begging for that last piece of pizza! For all the expressions we see in our pet’s eyes, it’s important to understand just how delicate and prone to injury the eyes really are. Veterinarians see everything from minor scratches and irritation to severe blindness or even cataracts. When the eye issue becomes complex, many pets are referred to their own eye care specialist…the Veterinary Ophthalmologist. Watch this video to see the pet eye doctors in action!
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