NOT ONLY DID JOE BIDEN ENCOURAGE AMERICA TO BUY BREEDER PUPPIES AND PATRONIZE PUPPY MILLS, WHAT HE HAS DONE WAS BAD FOR OUR ECONOMY. America will be buying AKC registered dogs from breeders-in essence he has signed the Death Warrant for mllions of homeless dogs across America. Does he care?? OF COURSE NOT!!! Read on–PETA already sent Joe Biden a letter-he still bought from a breeder. Looks like more of the Bush administration to me. THE ABOVE AD IS OLD-ACTUALLY ABOUT 30 MILLION DOGS, CATS, PUPPIES AND KITTENS ARE KILLED IN AMERICA’S DOG POUNDS EVERY SINGLE YEAR, AND MANY POUNDS SPEND OVER A *MILLION* DOLLARS IN TAX-PAYERS’ COUNTY MONIES WHICH ALSO FUND LAW ENFORCEMENT (THERE ARE MASSIVE POLICE OFFICER LAY OFFS). MIAMI-DADE FLORIDA SPENT A WHOPPING 10 MILLION DOLLARS IN 2007 TO RUN THEIR DOG POUND AND ABOUT 33000 ANIMALS WERE KILLED THAT YEAR ALONE the cost to run dog pounds-and these animals die terrible deaths, usually by gas chambers, is escalating every year as more and more animals are left homeless. As for “loyalty”, ALL dogs are loyal regardless of the breed or mixed breed. shame, shame… **FACTS ON GASSING** Documentation shows that animals can struggle and wail for up to ten minutes before death in gas chambers. Some bite themselves and each other in panic, beat their heads against the chamber walls, choke and vomit while being forced to inhale carbon monoxide. Groups of animals are often gassed together. Carbon monoxide is not effective for baby animals, for
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