Dog Behavior Problems

Dog Behavior Problems – Common Questions answered.

Q 1

My dog and puppy pees when I pet him – what can I do?

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Your dog is doing what is known as submissive urination. This is a Housetraining issue and your dog/puppy is actually trying to tell you that you are superior to him. Dog’s communicate very differently to humans and when a puppy or dog is approached by a bigger or more dominant dog – the lower ranking dog may pee to let them know that he respects him. When you lean over your dog you are in a very assertive position – so your dog well pee to tell you that you are more dominant. Don’t shout at him otherwise he may pee more as he doesn’t think you got the message the first time he peed. You may notice submissive urination in certain breeds – it happens to be quiet common in Spaniels.


The cure

Dog’s often do submissive urination when you have been gone for a while and come back – consequently the dog maybe excited.


The next time you come back from going out – ignore your dog – don’t pet him or greet him – or make eye contact with him – tell any visitors to do the same. As soon as your dog has calmed down after about 15 mins or however long it takes – quietly acknowledge him – make it very matter of fact – don’t get excited otherwise your dog will start peeing. The calmer you are the calmer your dog/puppy will be. Continue to ignore him when you get back and he has calmed down and eventually your puppy/dog will start to get better control of his bladder.


Q 2

My dog is doing well in his outdoor training regime but as soon as it rains he will go outside but not potty – what should I do?

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Some dogs are able to pee outside in a force 10 hurricane but others see a spot of rain and just won’t go. Think about it though – it’s not very appealing to your dog (and it wouldn’t be to you either) to go outside in the rain and pee. Consider taking him outside with an umbrella – you may feel this is a bit indulgent – but you will have clean carpet. Maybe build a small shelter for him to pee under. Use rewards – use a reward so that as soon as he pees you give him lots of praise and a nice dog treat – a nice piece of beef or liver – this particular trick worked on a Yorkie I was training.)


Q 3

I take my dog outside to potty but he takes forever – how do I get him to do his business quicker?

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You have quite allot of control over how long it takes your dog/puppy to pee. If you are letting your dog/puppy take 30 minute to find the right spot – then you are teaching him to take 30 minutes to find the right spot. If you want him to take 5 minutes then take him out on his leash and use a cue word that you have decided on – (you may need to refer to one of my other articles) and use the cue word “go potty” or whatever you chose – if he doesn’t go then bring him inside and confine him to his crate for 15 mins. Keep doing this and he will soon realize that he has an allotted time to pee. Continue practising these dog obedience training techniques until you and your dog or puppy have mastered the puppy potty training process.


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