Dog Aggression – Curing Aggressive Dog Behavior

Have you ever wished you could cure your dog of aggression and get your dog to stop being aggressive once and for all? Whether it is dog on dog aggression or an aggressive dog towards other people and children, it is important to take dog aggression training very seriously.

Luckily, as with all dog behavior problems, there is a solution for aggressive dogs with the right training and patience. The following is my formula for fixing aggressive dog behavior and ensuring that you no longer have to put up with aggressive dogs.

1- A high level of obedience training. This is step one and the most important part of fixing dog aggression. If your dog is obedient to you it makes aggression much more manageable. For example, your dog can’t be aggressive to another dog if he comes when called. He can’t bite someone who comes through the door if he reliably lies down and stays. There are many things that are made more simple if your dog is obedient.
More important than the functionality of obedience, though, is what obedience training does for your relationship with your dog. Obedience puts you in the leadership role. It is critical for you to be the leader if you are the owner of an aggressive dog.

2- Control the environment around your dog. I can’t tell you how many times I have spoken with the owner of a dog that suffers from dog on dog aggression who repeatedly takes their dog to a dog park for ‘socialization’. Every time the dog goes to the park he gets into a fight! It is important to use common sense and be more careful of your dog’s surroundings and environment.
Don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean your dog has to live in a bubble. It just means that you need to be more aware of your surroundings if you have an aggressive dog and take extra precautions.

3- You need to correct your dog the next time he shows aggressive behavior. This isn’t done by shouting at your dog, swatting him, or any other means like that. The best way to correct aggressive dog behavior is by doing leash training. As your dog starts to show aggression, give a few firm corrections as you go the opposite direction. By going the opposite direction you prevent your dog from forming an association with the object of his aggression.

By following these steps you can fix dog aggression and get your dog to be much less of a liability.

Ty Brown is a leading dog training authority with numerous radio and television appearances to his credit. Visit to view free articles and for more information on how to fix aggressive dog behavior.

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